Top 5 Romantic Movies For Your First Date

Love, dating, proposal and all the butterflies you feel in your stomach are a beautiful part of our lives. No one can forget their first date. You might have been a teenager or an adult or maybe an old man but age does not matter. What matters the most is your feelings. So now you have to make your date special. So here are top 5 movies that can do the magic for you. Add them up with popcorn and a romantic homemade dinner and you are all set. Getting these movies is very easy. Just simply download from Movie Box app and enjoy.

Romantic Movies


The story of the movie starts from a boy falling in love with a rich girl. They fought with each other daily and never agreed on anything but they madly loved each other and could not live without each other. The movie sets an example for those who have issues and differences and they are thinking of breaking up. You should never give up on love. Fight for each other till you are in love.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

There are two heroes and two heroines and twist of time separating the true love but they get a second chance. The movie shows that sometimes it is love that we misunderstand for friendship. We get so comfortable as friends and never realize that friendship has changed to love. This movie tells us that if your love is true from both ends then life will give you a second chance, Grab it before you lose again.

The Ugly Truth

This movie revolves around an outgoing guy who does not fall in love but is an expert on women and a girl who is finding her true soul mate. This movie breaks the notion of perfection. It shows that love can never be planned and it happens at the most unexpected time and with the most unexpected person. And sometimes it happens with the guy opposite of your expectations.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

This movie revolves around two lovers and how they win their love. The girl’s father wants her to marry the man he chose. This movie shows us how love is respectful. The couple had the opportunity to run away but they do not. They seek the girl’s father’s permission and show the world that their love is pure.


This is a story about four love stories and a fight between love and discipline. This story is between a father and his dead daughter’s lover. This movie shows us the true meaning of love. If the love is true then it is still there with you even if the partner dies.

Final Words

These movies are classics and will ensure a romantic date. You can download these movies after you download Movie Box app for superior quality. You can also watch these movies on Movie Box app and enjoy the moments with your date. These movies will inspire you to fight for your love and how to keep it true.

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